Wednesday, August 14, 2002


It is 10pm and tonight is one of Sacramento's cooler evenings. I've just finished talking with Cat on the phone and found out that she may visit here at the end of the month before Nathan and I take our trip...odd emotions came up when she said that (most notably: fear.) The ending of our last visit was so mixed with positive and negative exchange that I want to see her again. Before we part ways for who knows how long, I want to be on the same page with her--on the same line. Impossible? Maybe, but trying is what counts and I miss her--undeniably, I miss her.

Meanwhile, emily, I have many, many, many things on tomorrow's list:
8am, ride bike to park and quickly sketch my favorite tree
8:30, make and eat breakfast
9-9:30 begin painting at Grandma Helen's house
stop when it gets too h o t
--call about traffic school
--call SAFE
--call Shiloh
--call REBECCA
--call others we may visit
--meet with Nathan and go to AAA
--ask Nathan about piece of lumber for the van
--research bike racks for the van
--in the evening expect to here from or call Cat